Four Health Tips For Urban Dogs

If you live in the city with your dog, you might find a host of unique challenges when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. The challenges of getting your dog enough exercise, keeping them safe from external factors, and keeping them content while out and about should all be thought through. Here are four health tips for dogs living the city life.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Dog on Walks and in the Park

There can be all sorts of dangers on the sidewalks and in parks throughout the city that your dog won't know any better to avoid. Keep your dog out trouble by keeping them on a leash on walks along the sidewalk where your dog might get into waste that could make them sick. Make sure your dog stays out of standing water and other hazards at the park by keeping a close eye on their activity. If you are worried your dog may have ingested something dangerous, get them to the animal hospital ASAP.

2. Keep a Routine

Try to keep a set schedule even if you are busy so that your dog knows what to expect on a daily basis. Having meals and activities on a schedule can keep your dog calm and confident. Since your dog won't have the luxury of letting themselves out when they please, they will rely on you to keep a routine for them.

3. Consider Additional Socialization

If you are gone all day long, it might be a good idea to get your dog set up with a dog walker or day care situation. This will keep your dog from becoming overly anxious or getting into things around the home out of boredom. If your dog is an overly social breed, consider a couple of days a week at a daycare center where they can interact with others, especially if you live alone and aren't home during the day.

4. Bring Water and Treats on Outings

If your dog tends to go where you go, this can be a unique (and fun!) aspect of city living with a dog. If you like to bring your dog along when you visit friends or run errands, make sure you have your dog's needs covered. This can include a pop up water bowl and treats to keep them hydrated and fueled up through the day. If you can have these items packed up and by your front door, you can grab and go with your dog.

Having a dog in the city can be a challenge, but this can be a rewarding experience if you put in the time and effort to keep their needs met. Make sure that your city dog is getting exercise and social stimulation while staying safe and healthy at the same time. If you are looking for more healthy tips for your pet, your vet (like those at Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital) can suggest some more specific options to keep your city dog happy.