How To Write A Testimonial For Your Dog Groomer's Website

If you're highly pleased with the quality of service that your dog groomer provides, you can think about tipping him or her after each appointment. Another effective way to express your thanks — and one that won't cost you anything if you're on a tight budget — is to offer to write a testimonial. Many dog groomers will graciously accept this offer and be proud to post the testimonial on their website or in the lobby of their workplace. Writing a testimonial is easy and, with the right format and approach, you'll craft a message that can hopefully help your dog groomer build his or her business. Here's what to write.

Explain The Context

Testimonials should ideally begin with a brief explanation of the context for the letter. Remember, strangers will be reading your words, so it's important that the context is set right away. You could begin with something such as, "I've been visiting Vanessa with my pet poodle for more than two years," for example. Or, you could take the opposite approach if you're a new customer but are highly impressed with the quality of the groomer's work. For example, "I've been to Vanessa just twice with my pet poodle."

Be Specific About The Groomer's Merits

Don't simply write that you're happy with the service that the groomer has provided. Be as specific as possible. For example, you could write that your pet is extremely anxious around strangers, but that the groomer took his or her time with your pet until it began to relax. Think about each of the instances in which you were pleased with the overall nature of the appointment. For example, you could write about a time that your dog got into a patch of burrs on a walk in the woods, but the groomer patiently kept the dog calm while cutting the burrs out of its fur and giving it a top-notch trim.

Make A Recommendation

It's a good idea to wrap up your testimonial with some form of recommendation for the prospective customers who may be reading it. For example, you could say that you wholeheartedly recommend anyone who has a dog to make an appointment with the dog groomer. Follow up on this recommendation by saying why the reader should schedule an appointment. For example, you could list reasons such as the groomer's skill, his or her obviously genuine care for animals or his or her pleasant personality. Contact a company like Bev's Grooming for more information.