Tips for Keeping Your Dogo Argentino Healthy and Happy

Some dog breeds have health problems you will need to watch out for and might have unique grooming needs. However, there are other breeds that are generally healthy as long as you keep a few things in mind. The Dogo Argentino is one example of a dog breed with fewer health problems.

Medical Tests

It's important to have your dog's hearing tested with a BAER test. You will also need to have your dog's hip examined and they will need to undergo a cardiac exam.

Exercise and Training

A Dogo Argentino has a lot of energy and will need exercise to remain healthy and to be stimulated. They should have playtime in the backyard and should have several walks a day. If you are only able to go for a brief walk, you should do this at least. However, having a fenced-in area where your dog can have the "zoomies" and run around the yard is better.

They love to chase balls and also love to learn new tricks. Fortunately, this breed is very difficult to train. Any activity your dog shows a preference for is great as long as it can expend their energy.


A Dogo Argentino is a short-haired dog with a smooth coat. Fortunately, with this breed, the coat does not have much of an odor. Brush your dog once a week to remove excess hair and to help distribute oils throughout the dog's coat.

Ear Care

Make sure to check your dog's ears to make sure that they do not have dirt, debris, or redness. Once you have inspected your dog's ears a few times, you'll know what looks normal and what doesn't. If you discover anything unusual, make sure to tell the vet.

Nail Trimming and Oral Care

All dogs should have their nails trimmed when they get too long both for the sake of your dog and the furniture. You should also consider brushing your dog's teeth. You will only need to brush the outside surface. Make sure to brush in a downward motion. Use toothpaste that is meant for dogs. There are toothpaste brands that are edible and can be applied to a toy so your dog's teeth will be cleaned while playing. Like with people, a dog's teeth need to be brushed once a day. By following all of these steps, your Dogo Argentino will be healthy and feel great.

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