Want To Purchase A Reptile As Your Pet? Purchase A Ball Python Snake

If you want to purchase a reptile to have as your pet, there is a wide variety to choose from. One type is a ball python snake. If you have never owned a snake before, starting off with a ball python is a good choice. This snake is popular among snake lovers as it is shy and generally does not get aggressive. It is called the ball python because it rolls itself into a ball around its head when it is scared. Below is more information about this snake so you can decide if this would be the right pet for you.


Ball pythons sleep all day and stay awake at night in the wild. This is because they like to hunt when the temperatures are cooler. During the daytime hours, the ball python sleeps underground in burrows. Because of this, if you purchase this snake you need to make sure you purchase things that the snake can hide in, such as boxes or caves. This can also make their cage look better. Pet stores will have these things, or you can find them online. This not only gives your snake a place to go when they are sleepy, but they may want to be alone at times when they are awake. 


Ball pythons are picky eaters and may go weeks without eating anything. If they go too long, however, and you notice your snake is losing a lot of weight, they should be seen by a veterinarian. A young ball python likes to eat baby rats and mice, and adults like to eat adult rodents. Live rats and mice will fight the snake if put into their cage, which can cause injury to your snake. If the snake is bitten very badly, they could die. Because of this, purchase frozen rats and mice, which also cost less. It is also much easier to see a snake eat something frozen when compared to something that is live. You can find frozen rodents at many pet stores as well as online. The veterinarian can tell you how much you should be feeding your snake. 

Talk with the snake owner about setting up their cage as they need to have enough room to be able to move around in. There are also many other things, such as the cage needs to be at the right temperature and at the right humidity levels. The owner or pet store should be able to tell you what you need to purchase and how to set up their new home. 

For more information on ball pythons for sale, contact a professional near you.