A German Shepherd As A Pet

A pet is great to have around for various reasons, especially if you opt for a dog that is smarter than some of the other breeds. A German Shepherd is an ideal pet to choose if you want a dog that is of a working class. Your dog will not only have a natural instinct for helping with various tasks but can also undergo training that will make him or her more obedient. You have the option of choosing a dog that has already been thoroughly trained if you don't want to take on the task on your own or put him or her through obedience training. Take a look at the content below for more information about the benefits of getting a working-class German Shepherd as a pet for your family.

Provides Good Security

German Shepherds are some of the best dogs to have as pets when it comes to security. Your pet will make you and your family feel safe at home, as well as when in public. For instance, your dog will give you an alert when he or she senses the presence of a stranger. The alert can come in the form of barking, or from your dog behaving in a specific way. Your pet will also have the strength to attack a criminal if it ever becomes necessary.

Loving Around Children

Although a German Shepherd has the temperament for becoming hostile when protecting your family, he or she can also be loving. You don't have to be concerned about your pet roughly playing with your children, even if they are toddlers. Your pet will be able to play various games such as Frisbee and other types involving fetching objects. The extent of games that he or she will be able to play depends on the type of training that is done. He or she will also be a lot of fun for your kids at the park as well.

Can Help on a Farm

If you own a farm with a substantial amount of livestock, it can be a stressful job to handle without enough assistance. The perk of having a German Shepherd around is that he or she will be able to help with your livestock. For example, your dog will have a natural ability for herding, which can make your job a lot easier. He or she can help with various other tasks as well.

For more information on work trained German shepherds, contact your local breeder.