Planning Your Career As A Veterinarian? How To Ensure A Successful Veterinary Internship

If you're nearing the end of your veterinary program, it's time to prepare for the internship. Veterinary internships are a rewarding way to gain extra training for your career. But, you do need to be prepared. During your internship, you'll be working closely with veterinary professionals. Your internship will help you prepare for your own career as a veterinarian. Here are four tips that can help you prepare for your veterinary internship

Choose the Right Focus

If you're going to complete a veterinary internship, choose the right focus. There is a variety of settings you can choose for your internship. Some of those include zoos, animal hospitals, and veterinary clinics. There's also the choice between large animals and small animals. If you know the type of animal you want to treat, choose a setting that will provide you with the hands-on training you'll need. If you're not sure where you want to focus, consider applying for a couple of different internships. That way, you get a feel for a variety of veterinary environments. 

Be Prepared to Work

If you're going to apply for a veterinary internship, be prepared to work. During your college studies, you've focused on classroom activities. But, once you start your internship, you'll be working in the veterinary field. That means you'll need to jump in and get dirty from day one. This type of training is beneficial to your career as a veterinarian. Internships give you the opportunity to go beyond book learning. They also allow you to learn from a practicing veterinarian. 

Take Plenty of Notes

If you've been chosen for a veterinary internship, take plenty of notes. You'll have a lot of questions for the veterinarian you're working with. Unfortunately, you might not be able to remember all the answers you get. That's where the notes come in handy. Notes allow you to refer back to the information you need. Not only that, but notes also allow you to document questions you might have. That way, you don't forget before you have the opportunity to ask. If you don't want to write your notes, keep a voice recorder with you. That way, you can take electronic notes. 

Rely on Your Mentor

If you're going to start your internship, don't forget about your mentor. You'll be assigned a mentor who will work with you throughout your internship. Your mentor can be a valuable resource for you, especially during your veterinary internship.